One of great assets of The Stitch Lab is that between all of us, we possess an incredible wealth of knowledge — we all delight in geeking out over machine manuals, devour textile arts books and subscribe to a million blogs. You are always welcome to call us at 440-0712 or e-mail info@stitchlab.biz to pick our big beautiful brains. We are always pleased as punch to answer any questions you might have (there are never any "dumb questions" at the Stitch Lab). Here are a few we get frequently:

Q: How do I enroll in a class?
A: First, go to our website "Classes" page and find the class you're interested in. Classes are organized by categories. You'll click "see available class dates and enroll" and you'll be magically transported to our Mind/Body scheduler. You will click "Sign Up Now" and then you'll find or create your student profile (IMPORTANT!! DO NOT uncheck the box to receive class notification and confirmation emails!!), create a password, if you don't already have one, and pay for the class right then! WOW! That was sure easy! You'll get a confirmation e-mail with all your materials lists, links to our Flickr pages showing project samples and directions to the studio. Please check your e-mail frequently and make sure we are in your address book so we don't land in your spam filter. Also, be sure and print a copy of your confirmation e-mail so that you have your materials list and directions to the studio handy.

Q: What if I want to purchase more than one spot in a class?
A: If you need to reserve and pay for more than one spot in a class, please call < 512-440-0712 > or email Stitch Lab < info@stitchlab.biz > BEFORE enrolling in the class. Mind Body will not show students exactly how many spots are left in a class, but we'll be able to look and tell you from our end! NEVER, EVER adjust the quantity of your purchase on the check-out page. This will only ensure that you are purchasing two fees for this class. It does not actually enroll a student or reserve a spot in the class, especially if there's only one spot left!

Q: Why do I need to create a password/account with Stitch Lab to sign up for classes?
A: The Mind/Body scheduler and enrollment system that we use stores your info so that we can easily contact you about your class as needed. Having an account means that you can easily check back to see what classes you're enrolled in and store your credit card info if you wish, to make signing up super fast and easy. You can rest assured that your info is sacred to us and is completely secure and never EVER would be shared with any other entity. The other cool thing about Mind/Body is that can track how many classes you've taken so that we can set up a nice rewards system! Please check your e-mail frequently and make sure we are in your address book so we don't land in your spam filter.

Q:  Can I buy all my materials at the Stitch Lab when I come to my class?
A:  You might double check your materials list and make sure we have all the goodies you need, but, in many cases, YES! We would LOVE to help you find just the right stuff. Our Retail Shop is open Monday through Saturday, from 11am until 6pm, and from 1pm until 6pm on Sundays. Give yourself PLENTY of time to pick out what you need for class, and to check out before your class starts! Please note that for garment classes you'll want to give yourself time to pre-wash and iron your fabrics before class time. Check our contact page for directions and our phone number.

Q: I lost my confirmation e-mail and now I can't remember what to bring to class and how to get to the Stitch Lab!
A: You can access your class info by going to that class page on our website and clicking "class materials list" which will give you a pdf of the materials list you received in your original confirmation e-mail. The address and directions to Stitch Lab are on our CONTACT page! You'll also receive a Class Reminder email containing all of the same information about a week before your class.

Q: I've had something come up, what is your cancellation/return policy on classes?
A: Class fees are non-refundable. Please check your calendar carefully before committing to a class enrollment. We appreciate as much notice as possible for cancellations. Cancellations must be made no later than 3 business days BEFORE the date of your class* (Business Days, in this instance, refer to the hours that we are in the office, administratively speaking, managing class enrollments. Specifically, Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays, between the hours of 9:00AM and 6:00 PM), in order to maintain a class credit. Failure to do so means forfeiture of your class fee. If arrangements are made before the deadline, students may transfer fees, as a credit, to another class (subject to availability). There are no make-up classes for any classes missed. If you miss one class in a series you may not be able to continue with the series without first scheduling a Private Lesson for an additional fee to get caught up. Please keep in mind that Private Lessons are not always available.

In the unlikely event that class is canceled by the Stitch Lab, you can either opt to keep a credit for a future class with us, or choose to receive a full refund.

* For example, if your class is at 12:30 PM on a Sunday, you must call or send an email to cancel your class by 6pm on the Tuesday before.

We know that's a strict policy, but it helps us get wait-listers into cancelled spots in a timely fashion. We're happy to discuss your dilemma on a case to case basis.

Of course, in the unlikely event that class is canceled by the Stitch Lab, you can either opt to transfer into another class date, keep a credit for a future class with us, or receive a full refund depending on your initial payment method.

Q: How does the Wait List work?
A: When you want to sign up for a class that has already filled, you may be able to get in if there is a cancellation. E-mail us and ask to be placed on the Wait List for that class. Your name will be added to the Wait List for that class in the order that we receive Wait List requests. When a spot becomes available, we will contact the Wait List in order starting with the first person on the list via e-mail. PLEASE CHECK YOUR E-MAILS FREQUENTLY AND MAKE SURE WE ARE IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK SO WE DON'T LAND IN YOUR SPAM FILTER. We can't wait list you for a specific date/time — you'll be contacted with the first available class opening. You are under no obligation once on the list to take any classes that are offered to you.

When we are ready to release a brand new class schedule with new class dates, we will give wait-listers first dibs on the new dates before they get posted to the general public on our website. We will e-mail wait-listers in batches of 5 at a time to give you an opportunity to nab the spots you want. We'll give you a couple of days as a head start before announcing any new dates or classes to the General Public! For this reason PLEASE CHECK YOUR E-MAILS FREQUENTLY AND MAKE SURE WE ARE IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK SO WE DON'T LAND IN YOUR SPAM FILTER.

Q:  I'm on the Wait List for a class—how long do you think it will be before I get in?
A:  Here's where we wish we could have a crystal ball and tell ya exactly when. We get wait-listers into classes all the time. Sometimes you get right in due to an early cancellation and sometimes it may be weeks before a new class opens up. The cool thing about being on the Wait List, however, is that you will get first dibs on the new class openings when we add them to the calendar before it is released to the general public. We SEW appreciate your patience — it is always worth the wait and you'll appreciate those small class sizes when you're the student getting lots of one on one attention from your instructor. Hang in there, baby!

Q: I'm coming right from work to class, can I eat lunch/dinner at the Stitch Lab?
A: We want you to be fully fueled for your class! Yes! Please come early to class to give yourself time to eat. You can eat on our front porch or inside, just try to keep drippy messy foods in check to avoid staining anyone's fabric! EEK! Once class starts, you will not have time to do anything other than take quick bites of a non-messy snack, like a granola bar, trail mix, carrot sticks, etc. Also, we appreciate students bringing no-spill, adult "sippy cup" type beverage containers with them to class, if possible. We have plenty of water, coffee and a few tea flavors available for everyone! Please do your best to keep the Lab clean.

Q: I've taken a beginner sewing class—where do I go from here?
A: We're SEW glad you asked!! Leslie recently created a fabulous flow chart to help you pick your next class, Check it out here!!

Q:  Can I order fabric online or over the phone?
A:  We'd be delighted to cut and ship yardage for you any time. You can see all of the fabrics we carry in this Flickr album. Just shoot us an email or give us a call, let us know what you'd like, we'll take your credit card info and ship it lickety split! We ship using Priority Flat Rate Shipping, so costs will just depend on what you order and which box it fits into.

Q:  Sometimes it's weird when I come into the shop and there is a class going on. I feel like I might be interrupting?
A:  One of the "unique" situations at the Stitch Lab is that we often have simultaneous retail hours and classes happening. We appreciate and respect both the student/teacher space and the customers needing help and do our absolute best to make sure the student is able to stay focused on their class material and the customers get the help they need to get their materials. We realize it's odd, but the pleasant result is that customers get to see classes happening right then and there, gaining a better feel for what we do. The students often get coos of "wow! look what you're making — how cool is THAT!?" from the customers. If you EVER have any issues with our staff, we always want to know asap. Please don't hesitate to talk with us in person, via e-mail or snail mail so that we may have the opportunity to make you happy with your experiences here.

Q: These classes sound like so much fun, but they are way out of my budget. Do you ever do discounts, payment plans or scholarships?
A: We want learning to sew, which we view as a hugely valuable life skill, to be affordable for all. We sometimes have volunteer opportunities where you can accumulate points toward big discounts (email, if you're interested!). We have class punch cards redeemable (after 5 punches!) for class or fabric discounts! Other than that, just let us know your situation and we'll see what we can work out.

Q: I have a great idea for a class, can you find someone to teach it and offer it at the Stitch Lab?
A: Yes! We love your ideas and we add new classes based on demand all the time. Let us know what you're interested in learning!

Q: Can my crafty friends and I have a party or special group class at the Stitch Lab?
A: Whee! Yes, of course! Check out this page regarding Private Lessons, and send us an email if you're interested in discussing options with an instructor!

Q: I'm not really interested in learning how to sew, do you do alterations or know someone who does?
A. Please refer to our Links page for a full listing of terrific seamstresses.

Q: I'm having problems with my sewing machine/serger. Can you help me figure out what I'm doing wrong or how to get me back on track?
A: Hopefully you've taken our Crash Course or Beginning I Sewing Series and you can refer to your class handout, especially the "Top 5 Things To Prevent Your Machine From Jamming" page. Sometimes, however, your machine will just get sassy no matter how sweet you treat her. Stitch Lab now offers in-house repair and service on most contemporary models. We offer convenient drop off and pick up at the Stitch Lab and excellent service by our own Vanessa Villalva, an avid seamstress herself! For more information and pricing, please visit our service & repair webpage. We also have a few other options for service and repair here!

Q: I'm a teacher/artist interested in teaching classes at the Stitch Lab, is this a possibility?
A: We're always happy to talk with instructors who can bring their much valued talent and skill to our students in areas that we don't already have covered. Keep in mind that we try to keep things textile related--such as design, sewing, needle arts, etc. and may have some space/electrical/and water source restrictions. Contact Leslie to talk about your ideas

Q: Can I get a sample cut of fabric? What is the smallest cut I can purchase?
A: We give 1" strips of fabric for samples. If you'd like a larger piece, you can purchase an 1/8 yard (4.5") wide cut. You can also take a look at our Flickr Fabric Page while you're at home dreaming up all your fun projects with our fabrics in mind!

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